About Luminus

Devoted to Cancer Patients

Drugs that are not soluble in water have problems in delivering to humans. That’s where our innovation and vast experience come in. Many molecules exist and our platform makes them less toxic and more efficient. Luminus develops safe and effective therapies that are accessible for people battling cancer. Luminus leverages 20+ years of scientific experience in drug nanotechnology to advance cancer therapies.

LASSN™ Drug Delivery Platform

Luminus Biosciences owns a proprietary Lipid-Albumin Stabilized Solid Nanoparticles (“LASSN™”) drug delivery platform with unique product composition and process claims. The LASSN™ platform enables the improvement of cancer drugs with drug nanoparticles stabilized by lipid and human albumin to overcome toxicity and efficacy issues associated with the synthetic surfactant-based cancer drugs currently used in the chemotherapy market.