Delivering a Drug Nanosphere Platform to Benefit Humanity


Revolutionary Drug Treatment

Transforming Drugs to Be Less Toxic and More Effective

Luminus Biosciences has created a groundbreaking drug delivery platform using lipid drug nanospheres stabilized by protein to formulate poorly water soluble molecules. The formulation is less toxic and the nanospheres carry the drugs directly to the cells resulting in improved efficacy. Luminus Biosciences supports research and development of drug molecules for treatment of cancer, epilepsy, first-degree burns, pain management and ophthalmic ailments.

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"At Luminus Biosciences we are united in the belief that we can accelerate the cure for cancer and help mankind. We are confident that together all things are possible."
our mission


We are dedicated to accelerating and improving the cure to some of the most serious diseases.

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our technology


We have pioneered breakthrough nanotechnology to deliver new or existing drugs with increased efficacy.

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platform and products


Our studies suggest that the impact of our technology could be a game changer in transforming cancer treatments.

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