Making Our Vision a Reality

Harnessing The Power of Nanotech

Luminus Biosciences has pioneered a breakthrough nanotechnology to deliver new or existing drugs with increased efficacy and fewer side effects due to the removal of toxic solvents and carriers. The drug nanoparticles can passively target afflicted cells when administered by IV infusion and increase bioavailability when orally dosed.

Proprietary Nanotechnology Platform

Lipid-Albumin Stabilized Solid Nanoparticles (LASSN™) is a proprietary nanotechnology platform owned by Luminus Biosciences, Inc. under US patent US8728527. The technology enables the production of solid nanoparticles containing the water-insoluble drug, e.g., docetaxel, along with lipids and human albumin lyophilized into a powdered cake. The cake is reconstituted to form a stable aqueous nanoparticle suspension with an average size of fewer than 100 nanometers (nm) before administration. The reconstituted suspension is free from the Ostwald Ripening effect and can maintain constant particle size for up to 5 days at 25°C. The Oswald Ripening effect refers to the growth of particles in a medium such as water due to the coexistence of particles with a broad size range.

Unique Opthalmic Formulations

Luminus also develops Ophthalmic Emulsions and Suspensions following ANDA and NDA regulatory pathways.