Platform & Products

Our Products Under Development

Our products are poised to capture a significant portion of the market. Luminus Biosciences studies have suggested that the impact of our technology could be a game changer in transforming cancer treatments.

In addition, Luminus is actively developing a drug treatment to aid with epilepsy symptoms and first-degree burns. For fighting cancer, we engineered a way to replace solvents and surfactants with proteins and lipids. This novel approach shows promise in reducing toxicity and reducing side effects to cancer patients.

Further, Luminus develops nanotechnology-based LASSN™ nanoparticle for oral administration. Luminus is also developing self-assembling nano emulsions of potential drug candidates for oral administration.

LASSN™-Docetaxel (LBI‑1103)

LASSN™-Docetaxel is a new drug product. LASSN™ technology produces solid lipid-docetaxel nanoparticles dispersed in an aqueous human albumin solution. This formulation does not contain surfactants such as Tween 80®, providing a competitive advantage over Taxotere® and generic Docetaxel Injection.