Our Mission

What We Believe

We are dedicated to accelerating and improving the cure to the most serious diseases. Our mission is to leverage our platform to improve the effectiveness, potency of important drug candidates, while reducing the toxicity.

At Luminus, we make the potent molecules safer and more effective.

We Have Made Advances

Over 60% of new drug candidates are poorly water soluble. Luminus has a novel platform to address the solubility issues, reducing the toxicity and increasing the efficacy.

We believe our platform has unrealized potential. Together we are improving therapies to treat cancer, epilepsy, pain, and burns, and others. The drug can cross the blood brain barrier and actively target cancer cells, reducing human suffering and saving lives.

Helping Drive Human Progress

We have developed a new drug delivery with a priority on curing the most deadly diseases. And, our robust platform also has potential to improve antibiotics, antiviral and antifungal treatments.

Working together with other leading innovators, we can help make the world better, extending life and improving the quality of living.

20+ Years of Innovation

A Focus on Better Treatments

Luminus has a 20+ year record of research by leading PhD's. We have addressed diseases like cancer in such a way to make a difference. Our research is innovative. Our platform and infrastructure can improve how the medical community treats cancer and other diseases.

Luminus created its platform to improve the quality of life for cancer patients, help increase survivability and strengthen treatments to improve overall outcomes. We proudly adhere to a code of principles which guides us every day. It's the bedrock of our mission to extend what we do around the world.

Driven By a Higher Purpose

We want to end suffering that people with health issues experience. We have the science to do it - right now. We can make a difference in the lives of others.

Trust & Hope for the Future

Our commitment is forged by a covenant of trust to do what's right for the future and deliver critical, life-saving solutions.

Admiration for Those Inspiring Good

We draw our convictions from those doing good. In the past, present and for the future. Meaningful life's work by Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Vince Lombardi, Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa and Bill Gates and many more, inspire us to serve for good.