Partner Licensing

Unrealized Potential

What We Do

We will conduct Drug Development Studies by incorporating your water insoluble molecule into our platform and improve its value. The new composition will be protected by our patent. The drug product will enjoy a good return on your investment.

Luminus will:
Improve formulation of water insolube drug molecules using our nantechnology platform
Conduct research
Develop analytical methods, formulation and process for drug candidates
Incorporate third-party molecules into our platform
Assist in the manufacture of drug products for clinical trials License patents
Transfer technology & Commercial scale up

What Our Partners Do

We need partners to provide their potential water insoluble drug candidates which they want to improve utilizing our technology. Partners fund development and commercialization costs as well as take drugs through regulatory pathways for NDA and ANDA approvals.

We will engage our partners to:
Design studies and regulatory plans
File IND, NDA and ANDA
Conduct clinical trials
Commercialize drugs


Luminus is looking for partners to develop LASSN™ Platform for various therapeutic areas, making drugs more efficacious and less toxic while treating humans. Let's accelerate the fight.

at the forefront of changing lives

We are at the forefront of next generation breakthroughs that harness amazing advancements and momentum. As we take on unmet medical needs, our products are poised for future growth into the next decade. Our product commercialization opportunities are robust. 

A vital enterprise

Drug delivery is a vital area. Our work has generated incredible insights and innovation. We want to propel the power of our work to transform treatments and advance drug delivery platforms. With our technology, there are no limits on what we can do together.

What We Deliver

Patented and Proprietary Nanotechnology Platform that Creates Safe and Effective Drugs for Unmet Medical Needs in Cancer Therapy

Anticancer Agents with Strong IP Protection, Targeting Multi-Billion Dollar Market

A Strong and Experienced Development Team that Leads Product Development Activities for Speedy Value Generation

Balance Risk/Return to Maximize Shareholder Value