About Luminus

Devoted to Cancer Patients

We are not satisfied with status quo. We feel a sense of urgency to make a dent in the world. We believe our platform approach is safer, faster, and more efficacious enabling us to accelerate the development and commercialization of life saving therapies to address unmet medical needs.

Why We Do What We Do

Over 60% of new drugs are poorly water soluble. Traditional drug solubilizers (solvents & surfactants) are toxic and cause side effects. The problem occurs when cancers become drug resistant to current cancer therapies.

This year about 1.7 million Americans are going to be told that they have cancer and about 600,000 will succumb to the disease. We are trying to do what we can to help decrease these astounding numbers.

Side Effects
  • Hypersensitivity Reactions
  • Anaphylactic Shock
  • Toxic Deaths
  • Neutropenia
  • Hepatotoxicity
  • Fluid Retention
Pre & Post Chemotherapy Medications
  • Patients are treated with corticosteroids, antibiotics, G-CSF, antihistamines, epinephrine, diuretics, and others increasing costs and reducing quality of life.